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Rama’s Miracle tank –FAQ

Rama’s Miracle tank helped many restaurants, Pubs, hotels, pizza & pasta shops and cafes while installing Rama’s Miracle Tank. They are happy by saving their cost, time and increase their profit.
What is the use of Rama’s Miracle Tank and why should I buy a Rama’s Miracle Tank?

When comparing our capabilities and proposed plan to that of competitors, the benefits of choosing Rama’s Miracle tank are –

  • Offering on very affordable rates and We also may offer three instalments payments
  • REMOVE CARBON from cooking equipments & Utensils
  • CLEAN crusty, fatty or greasy equipment
  • SAVE cost and lower’s operating cost 
  • SAVE water
  • INCREASE profit 
  • It will SAVE operation cost up to 10,000 per year 
  • RAMA’S MIRACLE TANK clean all the carbon from utensils – including It   Gas Heads » Extraction Filters » Pots, Pans, Utensils » » Fry Baskets» Chicken Racks » Grills » Crockery» Bun Toaster Feeders » Aluminium » Stainless Steel» Mild Steel / Cast Steel » Chromed Steel Etc.
  • No Rubbing and  No Scrubbing saving human resource cost and giving extra life to all utensils 
  • Sterilise Utensils 
  • Effective and Hassle Free Cleaning 
  • Save time, 
  • save money 

What size Rama’s Miracle Tanks are available?

We are supplying and selling 160L, 193L and 265L Rama’s Miracle Tanks but we can also modify the Rama’s Miracle Tanks in other sizes as per request

What is Safe Electrical Load Capacities for Rama’s Miracle Tank?

As we are using 1200W and 1800W heating element so10amp is sufficient but we can modify to 15A  

What is the cleaning time for utensils?

It depends of the carbon deposited on utensils – the estimated cleaning time for Grease &v Grime is 2-3 Hrs, light carbon 10-14 hrs and heavy carbon may take 25-30 hrs

  • Open the lid.
  • To remove the basket, use heat resistant gloves.
  • Lift the basket to a comfortable working height and lock into position.
  • Remove clean items and thoroughly rinse with cold water. Gloves should be worn. (as for normal washing operations).
  • Reload the tank.
  • Lower the basket into the water to the desired level.
  • Close the lid.
What are the important instructions to maintain and operate Rama’s Miracle Tanks?
  1. Always top up water to 15-20cm below the top of tank
  2. Remove any loose food particles on items before immersion in tank
  3. Skim off anything floating on a regular basis i.e. fat & oil
  4. Never put hands into the tank as water temp is approx 85 deg. Celsius
  5. Never switch off from power or empty tank (unless emergency)

    What is the right place to install a Soak Tank?

    Rama’s Miracle Tank need some space to stand on and power point and nearby drainage hole is needed – if not, we can drag the Rama’s Miracle Tank using caster wheel to given drainage place and can use extension load to connect to the power supply

    Soak Tank not working. How do I fix it?
    Sometimes due to high or low voltage – circuit breaker tripped off – so make sure that circuit breker is always on and also one can adjust the thermostat by pressing on/off switch on thermostat. Or call Rama’s Miracle tank representative
    What is the warranty on my Soak tank?

    We provide 1 year warranty

    We also have:

    Product Liability Insurance ($20,000,000 AUD per claim**)

    – Public Liability Insurance ($20,000,000 AUD per claim**)

    – Professional Indemnity Insurance

    – WorkCover Certificate 


    How to drain a Soak Tank?

    One can use Cam-lock and hose pipe to drain the water and we always provide both items with the tanks

    Where can I install a Soak Tank?

    You can install Rama’s Miracle Tank inside or outside of the premises but needs to be safe place

    Is there any harm if water spill over my body or goes into my eyes

    As we always supply and use food grade and HAVCC approved chemical so if water spill or goes into eyes just rinse thoroughly

    Can I clean Aluminium items / Is it safe to use with Aluminium?

    Yes our Alu-Safe Detergent is formulated for kitchens with predominantly Aluminium equipment and utensils

    What other names are for Soak tanks

    Soak Tank, Strip Tank, Decarboniser tanks, kitchen strip tank, Heated Soak Tank, kitchen strip tank, Hot Soak Degrease Tank, Decarbonator, Dip Tank, dishwashing-equipment, top loading soak tank, Manual soak tank, commercial cleaning System

    How Rama’s Miracle Tank works?
    • » Double layered, insulated, thermostatically controlled stainless steel Rama’s  Miracle Tank with height adjustable dipping basket.
    • » Scientifically formulated salt – water solution which is HACCP food and enviro safe.
    •  » Controlled 80-85°C operating tempera- true which sterilizes equipment and ‘activates’ solution – electrochemically stripping grease and carbon from Stainless
    Can you Custom make a suitable size to fit our kitchen?

    Yes, we can and you need to send us detailed request of customisation, we custom make different shapes and sizes as all kitchen layouts are different.

    What is the maximum temperature of water of Rama’s Miracle Tanks?

    Controlled 80-85°C operating temperature which sterilizes equipment and ‘activates’ solution – electrochemically stripping grease and carbon from Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Mild Steel, Chromed Steel , clean filters etc

    • To remove the basket, use heat resistant gloves. Temperature is over 80 degrees Celsius. Rubber washing up gloves should also be used for sensitive skin.
    • The cleaning solution is not toxic or corrosive and will not harm skin or clothes. HOWEVER, DO NOT PUT BARE HANDS INTO THE WATER AS IT IS HOT.
    • Lift the basket to a comfortable working height and lock into position
    • Load the basket, ensuring that trays, tins, wires are laying on their side
    • Follow directions for cleaning times. If items are still very dirty, resoak overnight, thoroughly rinse with cold water and repeat as necessary.
      How to MAINTENANCE the Rama’s Miracle Tank?
      • Ensure the tank is turned on (indicator light on side will glow). Ensure that water inside of tank is hot and steam is visible when lid is opened.
      • Check the water level and top up to the level indicator mark as required. Water will evaporate in the form of steam and removal of items that are clean.
      • Skim any excess fats or oils on the surface of the water and dispose of in a waste bin– this should be done daily or as required.
      • Exterior of tank should be wiped over lightly with a damp cloth daily.
      What Rama’s Miracle Tanks can clean?

      It can clean » Gas Heads » Fry Baskets» Crockery» Extraction Filters» Chicken Racks» Aluminium » Pots, Pans, Utensils » Bun Toaster Feeders » Grills» Mild Steel I Cast Steel» Stainless Steel » Chromed Steel 

      But cannot clean » Silver » Tin » Wood » Thin Plastic » Teflon

      What FIRST AID procedure we need to follow if in case of emergency?

      IF SWALLOWED: 50g, Induce Vomiting, Give Eggs, Milk Or Olive Oil. Seek Medical Help

      SKIN CONTACT: Wash With Water

      EYE CO NT ACT: Wash Copiously With Running Water For Up To 15mins.

      INHALATION (Powdered Form Only): Remove From Exposure

      How do I maintain my Soak Tank?

      Tank water needs to be clean, so put out all waste from tank and do not dump plastics, foils and papers with utensils – one can also use the STRAINER to lift the dirt. Also need to use graded chemical for Rama’s Miracle Tank as we also supply 20Kg chemical bags

      How long will my Rama’s Miracle Tank last?
      Rama’s Miracle Tank will last many years depend on the use of Rama’s Miracle Tank
      How long will my Rama’s Miracle Tank last?
      1. Size of tank – as we have multiple sizes of Rama’s Miracle Tank
      2. Price of the Rama’s Miracle Tank – We are supplying and selling Rama’s Miracle Tanks on very affordable and instalments options
      3. Space – Rama’s Miracle Tank need some space – so one has to have that much space that Rama’s Miracle Tank can fit
      How much water needed for Soak Tank

      It depends on the size of Rama’s Miracle Tank. Only 160L to 265 L water needed to clean 8000- 10000 utensils every 38-45 days

      Is the detergent safe to use / Is the detergent caustic?

      The detergent is Safe to use. All our HACCP certified detergents used in the Rama’s Miracle Tank system are caustic free, biodegradable, alkaline powder. They are non-toxic and non-corrosive as well as being environmentally friendly and will remove grease and baked on fats from all kitchen equipment, without damage to the parent material

      What is the best material for a Rama’s Miracle Tank?

      Our all Rama’s Miracle Tanks use stainless steel SUS 304 with 1.2 mm Thickness